Project ideas - Networking

Table of Contents

Multi-path network access

Simultaneous use of multiple network access technologies can increase reliability, throughput, and decrease latency.


  • Consumer: Aggregation of LTE and WiFi networks in smartphones
  • Vehicular: Aggregation of multiple LTE networks in public and private transport
  • Consumer/Enterprise: Aggregation of DSL/Cable with LTE for hybrid network access
  • Reliable, affordable, up-to-date hybrid home routers


  • Streaming application with low latency requirements
  • Applications with high bandwidth demands
  • Applications with low latency and high reliability demands in cyber physical systems
  • Reliable and low-latency network access for mobile edge computing

Project ideas

  • Evaluation of OpenMPTCPRouter ( as replacement for commercial hybrid access routers.
  • Design of packet scheduling strategies for
    • low latency transmission
    • reliable transmission
    • priority transmission

Prediction of network path and traffic characteristics using artificial intelligence

The timing of packets in packet switched networks include manifold information from which the traffic and path characteristics can be deduced.

Project ideas:

  • Using available public available data for characterization of networks effects
  • Prediction of network and traffic characteristics using online measurements
  • Network measurements of wired, WiFi, cellular networks for performance evaluation, network planning, and prediction.

Deployment of a LoraWAN IoT gateway

Install and deploy a LoraWAN IoT Gateway at our university building.

Professor of Computer Networks